The main goal of HES is to implement, adapt and disseminate methods, techniques, technologies and applications of evaluation. Our vision is to establish an evaluation culture that will contribute to the development, rational use of resources, to the attraction of investments, the strengthening of entrepreneurship, to ensure social cohesion and the effectiveness of public policies.

In particular, the HES seeks for promotion of knowledge development and project evaluation methods, programs and policies to support evaluation activities of public bodies and private sector, academia and universities, dissemination of information and studies relevant to the evaluation and development of links among Greek and European experts - evaluators.  HES aims also to promote the capitalization of knowledge acquired as a result of assessments and contribute to the recognition of specific qualifications and skills required for planning and implementing evaluations.

 As a whole, the stake for HES is to help in creating an evaluation community that will be able to meet the diverse and interdependent challenges of growth prospects, economic and social disparities and governance failures.